Professional treatment.

Inpatient treatment

This department provides treatment in all areas of operative oral and maxillofacial surgery. In-patient operations are usually carried out in the surgical wing of the Klinikum Konstanz hospital.

Our team has specialised in jaw ridge augmentation using the patient's own bone, even in cases of severe bone loss, as a preparatory operation for implant-based tooth restoration. These operations are always performed in the hospital's main operating facility and comply fully with all requirements regarding germ sterility. In-patient follow-up care is provided by experienced physiotherapists who belong to the hospital staff.

The department also specialises in surgical treatment of tumours of the oral cavity and neighbouring areas. It can provide for complex reconstruction including the use of microsurgical tissue transplantation. In close cooperation with colleagues from neighbouring disciplines (oncology, radiotherapy etc.), we can provide treatment for patients that meets all current standards.

All injuries to the viscerocranium (facial skeleton) can be treated, as well as injuries to the facial soft tissue including aesthetic aspects of plastic reconstruction.

Another type of operation carried out in the department has the aim of realigning the jaw to correct complex growth disorders of the facial skeleton. In such cases a surgical procedure is elaborated in close cooperation with the patient's orthodontist. After the operation, the patient is referred back to the orthodontist as soon as possible for follow-up care.

In addition to the operative purposes outlined above, our in-patient service is also available to patients who would normally not require an overnight stay, but for whom this is advisable on account of serious accompanying disorders.

Finally, for patients coming from abroad it is always possible to arrange for temporary stationary follow-up care in order to exclude the possibility of early complications being triggered by an exhausting return journey.