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Dr Lothar Deeg, born 1954, has been a specialist for anaesthetics since 1990. In 1984 he began his advanced medical training at the Klinikum Konstanz university hospital, and in 1986 he entered the Department for so led by Senior Consultant Professor Hempel. He has worked mainly in the areas of maxillofacial surgery and implantology for many years now.

For clinics specializing in head surgery, anaesthetics without the widespread use of the laryngeal mask is no longer conceivable. This technique is a safe way of keeping the respiratory passages free and is gentler for patients than other methods. Especially with outpatient surgery, this form of anaesthesia can prevent unpleasant side-effects such as post-operative sickness or over-long recovery times. In 1989, the Department of Anaesthetics of the Klinikum Konstanz was the first hospital in Germany to introduce the laryngeal mask technique for routine use.

In addition to this technique, and depending on the surgical requirements or the needs of the patient, other anaesthetic methods such as nasal intubation or analgosedation may be used. Analgosedation is the controlled and individually adjusted administration of painkillers and sedatives. This is especially helpful for anxious patients and people prone to panic attacks, allowing them to undergo surgery without fear and unpleasantness.

As required or as desired by the patient, a consultation regarding the anaesthesia can be carried out some time before the operation, but at the latest on the day before it is scheduled. This is an opportunity to discuss any special concerns and questions, and provide information to the patient about the method involved. It is important to fast before undergoing any procedure under anaesthetic. The patient should not eat solid food 6 hours before a general anaesthetic and should only drink clear fluids prior to the final 3 hours. The patient must be accompanied by another person on being discharged, and should be supervised at home.

If you have questions, you can telephone Dr Deeg on +49 (0)7531 2 91 71 (landline) or +49 (0)172 - 6 25 77 30 (mobile). He is available for a face-to-face talk in the practice on operation days, i.e. Thursdays.