Outpatient care.

Dr Frank Palm

Born 1962, married, two children

For years, Dr Palm has been included in rankings of Germany's top medical practitioners on several popular medical review sites. This includes the medical review site “Jameda,” where he is rated one of the 100 best German practitioners and one of the top 10 doctors, dentists and implantologists in Constance.

Research activities

During his university studies:
Numerous publications and patents in the area of bone replacement materials, resorbable membranes and osteosynthesis systems. Further research focused on malformations and dysgnathia.

During his time at Klinikum Konstanz hospital:
Development of implantology treatment concepts, including different navigation systems. Certification and clinical studies are regularly carried out on different implant systems and bone replacement materials in Dr Palm's department.

Consultancy work

Organisation membership

DGMKG (German Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), DGI (German Association for Implantology), DGZI (German Association for Dental Implantology), DGPW (German Association for Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery), ITI fellow, founding member of the ISMI (International Society for Metal Free Implantology), and more.

Implantology experience